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Configuring RSS Widget (RSS syndicated content) for Joomla to display feeds from other sites.

Many Joomla based website administrators

tend to push the contents of others sites or RSS

information of others sites to there Joomla

Based Websites and this is not the case were

you want a RSS Client one like FeedReader

but this is basically about having a widget

to be implemented or a component to be

installed to display feeds from other sites.


Joomla RSS feed

Now this is also called as RSS syndicated content

inside your Joomla, if you really are looking for a

simple module then I would suggest the readers

of this article to look at "Simple RSS Feed

Reader" Module from JoomlaWorks

and Guss inserting the FEED URL of the website

you want to syndicate into module and publishing

it does the trick.  Its so simple that you really don’t

have to mess with the code/ css etc even don’t

have to work out how to address the feed encoding.
Additionally you have advantage of setting module


See the "Simple RSS Feed Reader" module in action

in our exclusive demo site at:


Download the module at:


Also there is a good article about the same on :




Author of this article Rakesh Patel is a Joomla Expert and works as

AVP (Asst. Vice President) at www.IndiaNIC.com

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