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Church Website Design | Church CMS | Christian Ministry Website Design & Redesign | Joomla CMS

If you are looking a website for Church that is address below:

» Total control over your website without need of technical knowledge.


» A computer user can update your website in minutes

which is very easy to use


» Time and money saving in updating your Church website menu,

programs, time tables pages, text, images, pictures,

+ a lot more...

» It highly flexible in expands with your Church and

user grow.

» Joomla is a robost CMS for Church while all

the data /  content is saved in a database


Joomla Church Website

Joomla is one to the most powerful open source

Content Management System, while Joomla is

becoming a trend for Church websites.



Some of the top level features are:


Plenty of professional  design options

Featuring Event planning for upcoming events, regular activities, group gatherings, and meetings

Submit prayer requests for managing online prayer ministry

Sermon series or church cookbook can be made online with online store

Group-targeted e-mail to all the registered users

Ongoing discussions through church blog

Premium audio and video services can be also managed

Count visitors to your church website.


If you are interested in our Joomla CMS based Church

Website design, programming and customization services,

please email us at  This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it for a quick quote.

The Author of this article : Rakesh Patel, AVP (IT Services),

www.IndiaNIC.com is a Joomla Corporate Website consultant.

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